IPA Nordic is a researcher in relationships and human behavior. We have developed the highest rated personality analyses in Scandinavia and developed groundbreaking software – which makes it playfully easy to create innovative and value-creating development.


IPA Recruitment is the industry’s best offer for the ambitious, independent recruiter or the team-based who wants a professional tool.

IPA Recruitment makes it easier to match the right candidate for the job.

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IPA Coaching is for you who want to make a difference for other people in a work context.

We have all the tools incl. a certified coaching training to get started.

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IPA Consultant is for business consultants who want to contribute to more than the competitors. Understand that all change is about people and relationships.

IPA consultant makes it easier to create the right culture for change.

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The HR department

IPA HR includes a complete HR System for managing employee master data, as well as talent management and competency development. The intelligent MUS model, and ongoing well-being surveys are the heart of any HR department.

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The integral idea

IPA Nordic develops personality analyses and tools for recruitment , team development, talent programs and cultural measurements, which provide valuable insight into employees’ behavior and potential.

The IPA Analysis is constructed on the basis of classical trait theory, where the person profile is created through the answering of a number of statements divided into 12 personality traits. It is a NORMATIVE analysis available in 7 languages ​​ with multiple languages ​​on the way.

The IPA Analysis is based in its basic idea on the idea of ​​ INTEGRATION . This means that we regard man as a dynamic whole, where the quality of what we develop in one area depends on what we have developed in other areas. And there is a path of development for all people.

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IPA Software

360 Cockpit

Software: 360° Cockpit

The revolutionary 360 ° Cockpit is a professionally developed tool for navigation in the many IPA Analyses. The system is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, and has built-in manuals and a lot of user-help along the way. For example, with the feedback module, which provides a number of questions that the user should find answers to – for example in connection with a recruitment. This is also where talent and competencies are found.

Software: IPA Staff 

IPA Staff is a modern HR system that supports the processes an HR department faces. An open API ensures that data can flow freely between other HR current systems. In IPA Staff, all employees collect master data such as salary and benefits, as well as handed out equipment, competencies and not least the intelligent MUS tool that with 6 built-in modules ensures an ongoing dialogue between manager and employee.

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