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IPA Nordic are acclaimed for their professional development of complex tools for HR departments. Inspired by the Scandinavian view on management and work life, the IPA analysis uses an INTEGRAL mindset that provides you with the best foundation for hiring leaders and employees.

For more than two decades, IPA Nordic have developed HR tools and among its customers are international companies such as Volvo Cars, Volvo AB, Stena AB, as well as a range of consultant companies that specialize in recruitment and development of leaders and employees.

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The integral idea

The IPA Analysis is inspired by classic trait theory where a personality profile is made from a questionnaire that covers 12 personality traits. This NORMATIVE analysis can be purchased in 6 different languages (English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finish) and more versions are on their way.

The basic idea behind the IPA Analysis is INTEGRATION. This means that people are seen as being dynamic, and that personal development in one area is dependent on the development in other areas. The notion is that there is always a potential for development in all people.

IPA Nordic ApS develops personality analyses and tools for RECRUITMENT, team development, talent programs, as well as company culture tests, that all provide you with a valuable insight into the behavior and potential of your employees.


4 analyses & 360° Recruitment Cockpit in one solution

IPA CORE make up the foundation of the recruitment through its 12 personality traits. The four main factors are connected and integrated with one another.

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As an add-on product to IPA CORE, we offer IPA LEADERSHIP that provides an insight into the LEADERSHIP potential of a candidate

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Using IPA JOB MATCH together with its reflection IPA CORE gives you a solid foundation for choosing the right candidate for the job

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IPA CULTURE reveals the culture of your company and makes it easier to understand how to optimize the surroundings to fit the job, the team, and the candidate in the best way possible.

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